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Editorial Team

Patt Emmawat
Benchamat Rattanaphong
Chumchit Saechan, Assit. Dr.

 Editorial Board  
Prisana Chaiduang, PSU, Pattani
Imjit Lertpongsombat, Assoc. Prof., PSU, Pattani
Chumchit Saechan, Asst.Prof.Dr.PSU, Pattani
Pichet Saengthong, Asst.Prof.Dr.PSU, Pattani
Rapeepun Suwannatachote, Assoc. Prof. Dr., PS, Hat Yai
Nuwan Thapthiang, Dr., PSU, Pattani

Names are linked to email addresses and biographical statements, if provided.

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*All articles submitted for publication will be assessed by a group of distinguished reviewers. *The university and the editorial board claim no responsibility for the contents or views expressed by the authors of individual articles. *Copying is allowed freely, provided acknowledgement is made thereof.

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